How were the badges created?

July 29, 2009Edit

On this date, a paper said to be related to the gods was written, saying: "egdab )paz( eht htiw ,ssendas ypred fo dog ,rJ sebirT ,)terb( fo egdab eht htiw ,sreklaW nodroG fo dog ,noV ,)cj( fo egdab eht htiw ,seifles fo dog ,namoR ,ti gniyortsed elA ot eud egdab )ss( sih tsol ,noisrevrep fo dog eht ,viD ,D': fo egdab eht htiw ,ytinasni fo dog ,neB ,)live( fo egdab eht htiw ,ssenkrad fo dog ,sebirT ,egdab )akab( eht htiw gnitrilf fo dog eht eb ot desu ohw dog daed won eht ,srelpeK ,egdab ):D( eht htiw seloh fo dog eht ,enoT ,egdab )aikiw( eht htiw CC fo dog eht ,maoR ,egdab )bb( eht htiw kcus fo dog eht ,yedipS ,egdab )pred( eht htiw ssenipred fo dog eht amad ,egdab )du( eht htiw ecnayonna fo dog ,elA :sdogimed eht dna ,)werd( fo egdab eht htiw ,WBML fo dog...werD"


Drew, at some point, about two years after the paper was written, created the badges and the gods through unknown means.

February 28, 2015Edit

Dama, along with Roman and Cryptiid, discover the 2009 paper.

March 2, 2015Edit

Spidey and Tribes discover that saying "Drewga chaka drewga drewga drewga chaka" will strike everybody with lightning, and a few hours later they started hallucinating, including seeing the badges in places they shouldn't be, away from the gods bearing them.