"Drew...god of LMBW, with the badge of (drew), and the demigods: Ale, god of annoyance with the (ud) badge, dama the god of derpiness with the (derp) badge, Spidey, the god of suck with the (bb) badge, Roam, the god of CC with the (wikia) badge, Tone, the god of holes with the (D:) badge, Keplers, the now dead god who used to be the god of flirting with the (baka) badge, Tribes, god of darkness, with the badge of (evil), Ben, god of insanity, with the badge of :'D, Div, the god of perversion, lost his (ss) badge due to Ale destroying it, Roman, god of selfies, with the badge of (jc), Von, god of Gordon Walkers, with the badge of (bret), Tribes Jr, god of derpy sadness, with the (zap) badge" Link to subpage of Dama's userpage detailing how the LMBW mythology started.


A subpage telling the story of how the origin of the badges was discovered.


  • Drew creates LMBW, and the gods

February 18, 2015Edit

  • Alemas destroys Div's (ss) badge, thus taking away his god powers.

February 22, 2015Edit

  • The thomas avvie revolution is started, lead by Dama.

February 23, 2015Edit

  • Meiko tries to recreate the (ss) badge, failing and ending up with the ASCII (ss) badge, yielding no powers.

February 26, 2015Edit

  • Roman kills Div. BUT WHAT IF DIV WAS NOT KILL? =O And Dama kills Roman. BUT WHAT IF ROMAN WAS NOT KILL? =O And then somehow Roman kills Dama. BUT WHAT IF DAMA WAS NOT KILL? =O And roman kills Tribes, Frodo, and Ava. BUT WHAT IF TRIBES WAS NOT KILL? =o BUT WHAT IF FRODO WAS NOT KILL? =O BUT WHAT IF AVA WAS NOT KILL? =O
  • Tribes causes the disease known as Tribesis.
  • 1D fan, the long forgetten anti-god, returns, only to be defeated by Alemas.
  • Legofrodo uses the magical dress which some see as blue and black, and other gold and white, to transform into LFY.

February 27-28, 2015Edit

  • Mish and Roman work out their plan together to kill Dama. BUT WHAT IF DAMA WAS NOT KILL? =O

February 28, 2015Edit

  • Ava kills Cryp by ripping his heart out. BUT WHAT IF CRYP WAS NOT KILL? =O
  • Ava kills Roman by stabbing him with a tree. BUT WHAT IF ROMAN WAS NOT KILL? =O
  • Roman kills Div. BUT WHAT IF DIV WAS NOT KILL? =O
  • Star's Doge Wall is destroyed.

March 3, 2015Edit

  • "The incident" happens, all that is known is that London died in the aftermath.

March 4, 2015Edit

  • LP makes a fool of himself by being the gof of being extremely annoying.

March 12, 2015Edit

  • Three, han, ur mum, von, pauline, BCGirl, caps, a random person, the ability to unlock people, ham, and the kid next door are trapped in a forever alone cell.

May 3, 2015Edit

  • After everything was seemingly normal again, Billy invades and is sent to FrodoLovesBacon Wiki, as are Rome, Walruse, and Fort, as they were possessed by Billy.