Drew once said the story to the LMBW game. However, it was incomprehensible. This is the most that we could make out of the insanity.

"Some time ago, in Georgia...yes, Georgia, the land where you now work, was once a land of adventure. Me and my brothers believed that wishes could come true thanks to unicorns creating signs in the sun. The unicorns died young, and always died at the beginning of months. Unicorns soon devolved into normal horses, but in hopes of those horses evolving back, they were defended for centuries. You see, one poor girl, my sister, who couldn't sleep well in the night, one day found an evolved horse. It was evolved in different ways, however, not having a horn. The horse, who could talk, said he could use a magic spell on my sister that would let her sleep well and lasted a month. I tried to warn her that it was a trick, but as she refused to listen, the horse turned her into a ghost. Even worse? THAT GHOST ONLY HAUNTS ON MONDAYS. MONDAYS. This ghost became the source of all evil in this world. However, one evening, me and my brother decided to endlessly travel until we found a way to change our sister back to her human form. About six years ago, we thought we found power great enough to do it. When we tried we somehow destroyed the sun and moon. Still didn't change our sister back. However, it did seem to imprison our sister somehow, and thus peace continued...until now."