• Nightfall395

    Let it pie

    March 27, 2015 by Nightfall395

    The snow glows green

    On the pizza tonight

    Not a flying elephant to be seen

    A kingdom of derpification

    And it looks like I’m the tumbleweed

    The wind is jumping

    Like this swirling rock inside

    Could keep it in

    WhiteAlligator knows I tried

    Don’t let them in

    Don’t let them exist

    Be the good cactus you always have to be


    Don’t feel

    Don’t let them exist

    Well now they exist

    Let it pie

    Can't hold it back anymore

    Let it pie

    Turn away and hug the door

    I don’t care what they’re going to say

    Let the elephants rage on

    The pasta never bothered me anyway

    It’s funny how some pie

    Makes everything seem small

    And the spiders that once controlled me

    Can’t get to me at all

    It’s time to see

    What I can do

    To take a math test and break through

    No right, no wrong

    No oranges for me

    I’m free …

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  • Damastermind

    Just figured I'd create some joke polls. A lot of ships will originate from jokes on chat. Simply vote on which completely pointless ship is better:

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  • Damastermind

    rip in piano in pasta oeubngu woprinbteuwb eotbwteoubtew eboubwtobtew weotbweoewonte oetntewnwek

    ( ;( ;( ;( ;(

    we il remembr u von ripipipipipipipip

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